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A Commitment to Excellence

We are a hotel chain that develops and operates its properties with pride. We focus on the business traveler, especially the Latin American market, but without ignoring or neglecting all who consider Atton an option for their business or leisure travel needs. 

Founded in the year 2000 with a clear objective: to be an option of first level, but at convenient prices. Increase the hotel offer, but delivered to the corporate traveler or tourist all the comforts and needs when choosing a good hotel.

The company belongs to important Chilean holdings, which believe faithfully in the business model and in the style of our hotels, which year by year show a sustained growth. They are motivated to continue developing a plan of growth and the positioning of the brand in the long term.

We have eight hotels located in major cities in Latin America and had recently opened a hotel in Brickell, the most important financial district in Miami. (EOY 2016). There are already more than 1600 rooms in our chain.

In the coming years, the brand will continue to grow. There are three hotels in different phases of development: Miraflores (Peru), Medillin (Colombia) and Viña del Mar (Chile).

Thanks to the quality, location and prices, we have achieved a clear recognition in the region. We have positioned ourselves as one of the major options for business travelers who are looking for quality, without paying more. Our network of commercial distribution, has achieved that Atton have occupations and rates by on the industry.

Atton History

  • 2000: Atton was founded in Santiago de Chile by establishing Atton Las Condes with 212 rooms.
  • 2007: Santiago de Chile Atton El Bosque opens for business with 240 rooms.
  • 2008: Atton is acquired by Capital Advisors, an important Chilean holding, with the goal of encouraging the regional growth.
  • 2011: Atton Hotels expands by opening a 250 room hotel in an exclusive district of Lima, Peru. 
  • 2012: Atton Hotels continues its expansion in Santiago with the opening of its third hotel, i Vitacura, with 295 rooms.
  • 2013: Atton buys land in Miami to build their first US hotel. Capital Advisors and their contributors acquire 100% of the property, with the aim of accelerating growth.
  • 2014 and 2015: Atton begins operating in Colombia with two hotels, Bogota with 100 rooms and Bogota with 93 rooms.
  • 2016: Atton opens its first US hotel in the financial center of Brickell, Miami, adding 275 rooms to the Atton collection. Atton also inaugurates a hotel in Concepción, Chile.

What Makes Us Different

  • Commercial Platform: Excellent management of demand, that optimize the fares and rates of occupation, delivering a greater RevPAR.
  • Smart Business Travel: A modern approach to the current and demanding executive, has allowed Atton hotels positionate favorably in the market, resulting in more favorable rates.
  • Operational Efficiency: An excellent management of the whole team of Atton Hotels allows to obtain a big margin of operational income.
  • Local development team: Highly trained development professionals, in all the countries where it operates, allows Atton Hotels have a high ROI.

Development and Expansion of Atton Hotels


  • Atton has a unique experience in the development and operation of business hotels in Latin America, emphasizing efficient and profitable concepts.
  • The services that Atton offers includes are: development, design, renovations, repositioning, constructions, preventive maintenance, interior design, decoration, shopping management.
  • Atton has relationships with world class suppliers, always pointing to a durable and economic quality design.


  • The value of a hotel depends on the profitability that it generates. Atton is an expert in achieving high returns in the assets which it operates.
  • The services of operation include: strategy, management, marketing, technology, resources human, finance / accounting, studies of the market and the industry.
  • In addition to be a good alternative to stay, Atton is today a great company to work and an investment of high profitability.

Atton Hotels Operation Contract

Atton works with an outline of collaborative operation contract, where invites the owner to participate in the strategic management of the asset.

Rights of the owner:

  • Budget: Supervises compliance with the budget and proper use of the asset.
  • Hotel Manager:  Approves any recruitment or disengagement from the Hotel Manager.
  • Audit: The owner can carry out audits on the management of Atton.
  • Reports: Atton delivers periodic reports on the management, being the owner able to request additional reports on other relevant topics.


Felipe Baldwin
Director, Business Development
+56 2 2944 7866